Coming soon: Solo show at MEINBLAU Berlin (July 2019)

December 15th: Gallery Talk at “Partial Visibility”. Event on fb event.

December 6th: opening “Partial Visibility” dual show with Hadas Duchan at Binyamin Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel. Curator: Hadassa Cohen.

October 4th - November 2nd 2018: opening “Cold Muscles” solo show of Tal Gafny curator: Hadas Amster at Barbur Gallery, part of MANOFIM contemporary art festival.

August 24th - September 28th 2018: opening “Body Assemblage”, Tal Gilboa and Elizabeth Stehl-Kleberg, Jerusalem, Israel.

February 8th - March 16th 2018: “Handstand” dual show with Yair Barak and Matan Oren curator: Hadas Amster at Barbur Gallery.

December 16th 2017: “Morning Sun” at The Winter Solstice Festival, Oslo, Norway. Curator: Vandaler Forening.